Web leads for Google Analytics

How to get started

  • A) Sign-in with Google If you sing-in with your Google Analytics account you don’t have to do much: Just click the sign-in button, then enter your access details (the same you use for Google Analytics) and you will be directed directly to the interface showing your WebLeads.
    B) Sign-in with Java-script If you do not have or wish to use your Google Analytics account to sign-in you can install the Java-script by clicking the button Java-script. The installation will then follow automatically. Follow the instruction showing and you are set to go.
  • What is the benefit of WebLeads

  • Fastbase WebLeads is depicting your website visitors with detailed company information and contacts. This obviously gives you a clear picture of who take interest in your products, services or content of your website.
    Google Analytics or other analytics-services all only providing statistic data but since you don’t know who they are it is difficult to say if your website is really effective according to your sales or marketing objectives.
    By getting a detailed information about the visitor, his interaction on your website and his interest on specific sub-sites you actually obtain a distinct profile, as to who, what, where, of your visitors, which you can either use to empower your sales and lead-generation and/or give valuable input to your marketing efforts.
  • How can I use WebLeads

  • You can employ WebLeads in many ways:
    a) Lead Generation WebLeads give you direct “access” to your potential new customers, enabling a direct approach based upon your knowledge about their interest in your offering.
    b) CRM Getting a detailed profile of your existing customers may be great importance. Your CRM-system might be “outdated” with false or invalid contacts or contact-details and your CRM might not tell you much about your clients interest apart from what is obvious according to his past interaction with you. Fastbase WebLeads will give you additional information about your clients behavior and interests and it will as well “update” and refine your CRM-data.
    c) Optimizing your marketing Based on the insights your are getting from Fastbase WebLeads you might realize new target audiences, be it geographically, branches, occupation and so forth, thus giving crucial information to your marketing to altering the marketing efforts accordingly. d) “Fine-tune” your website From Fastbase Webleads you will get a “mapping” of which sub-sites are of special interest to specific visitors (whom you know by profile) and it might cause you to take action to change or refurnish your website to be most appealing to your visitors.
  • How does WebLeads work?

  • Fastbase Webleads is matching the “foot-prints” that every website visitor leaves with the Fastbase proprietary company database, comprising more than 200 mio. companies. To get access to those “foot-prints” Fastbase either adopt this information from Google Analytics or obtaining this information through the installed Java-script. Since all this “foot-print” information is mirrored in the company database Fastbase can provide the detailed company information in real-time by having an extreme server performance.
  • Why should I subscribe to WebLeads premium?

  • WebLeads Premium will give you decisive, detailed information about your website visitors to enhancing New Business, enforcing Marketing and empower sales